Call it a mid-life crisis, call it a sabbatical, call it a moment of ‘what the hell’ but as I approached my fiftieth year I felt in need of an adventure.  I wanted to do some travel whilst I was still fit and well, and to move out of my comfort zone to see what would happen.  That took me on a wonderful adventure to Vietnam, working at a university there on a local salary.  I kept a blog of those travels – Quietly Terrified, Careering Off into the unknown –  felt challenged, but alive and had a ball.  Unfortunately, that journey was cut short.  I had to return to the UK very suddenly, that was the right thing to do, and I don’t regret it.  However, there followed a year of drift, with a sense of unfinished business in S.E. Asia.  I still have wanderlust, and still feel a need to scratch that travel itch.

This new blog is to see how I go with Round Two of my travels.  This time, I hear Cambodia Calling, and once again, I want to record my experiences as a now fifty plus, not entirely courageous female, solo, traveller muddling through the challenges along the way.  When I went to Vietnam I was desperate for insights from a kindred spirit.  Not the experienced, hardcore youthful backpacking set – they are awesome, but feel like a different species from me.  To see if my dream was possible, I wanted to follow someone who made mistakes, got culture shock, probably experienced daily confusion as well as more than occasional excruciating embarrassment along the way but did in anyway.   That pretty much summarises Vietnam, but the point is none of that mattered.  What mattered was the insights I gained, the people I met the perspective it gave.  I have a feeling Cambodia will similarly offer up surprises, challenges, and a whole heap of unexpected and as yet unknown delights.  I have no idea who will join me virtually this time round, but writing is a great therapy.  If nothing else, this blog will remind me how on earth I ended up wherever it is the future takes me.  I do have a couple of rules though, I won’t directly name people, and I’ll try and keep it positive, but also truthful.  Not all travel is kittens and flowers, but that’s OK, it’s part of the great adventure of life is it not?

How does the saying go?  ‘What the hell is always the right decision’.  Join me as I find out for myself…

Happy travels, thanks for calling by!


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