Happy Birthday to me…

Actually, I did OK in an ‘I’m so old and grumpy’ kind of way.


Facebook took it upon itself to tell people it was my birthday, which I can’t decide if is a good thing or not.  Some of my new Cambodian friends therefore assembled and bought me a slice of cake complete with candle at Jomas, so that’s obviously a plus.  They also sang happy birthday, which was game, if also slightly unsettling as the staff joined in too.  They must be so pleased to have learnt my name a couple of weeks ago, that investment in building personal relationships with customers is really paying off!

I also got lots of birthday messages on my timeline which was more good than not, although keeping on top of replying to all the good wishes was somewhat stressful.  On the other hand, some hilarious pictures posted, and a personalised rendition of happy birthday to you, so let’s not be churlish eh?

I spent most of the morning catching up on my blog, funny to think this will end too soon.  And feeling ill.  I am exhausted, and sweating, and my heart is racing.  I feel like I’m on the brink of another embolism, but more likely it’s just all the sugar poisoning me.   Anyway, good news is my funeral is all now sorted, so no worries there, and Worldnomad insurance can repatriate my body afterwards so all is in hand.

Lunchtime ish, I was joined by a co-conspirator to plot our Olympian Farewell.  We want an ending with our dancing buddies, but what and how.  In the end, a genius idea (mine, though execution was shared) was to create little cards with a flag from each or our countries on it (UK; Australia; America; Cambodia) a picture of we three regular dancers and a message.  It was quite hard to execute but we got there in the end. We are pleased with it.


Our names are in alphabetical order to be fair and equitable, but that is also consistent with our pictures.  Genius, albeit inadvertently so.

The others went off in search of fruit.  I went in search of a printer.  Easy as.   Apart from going to a place which prints only stickers first.  The actual print run took just a few minutes.  I handed over my usb, the file was identified, and 6 copies of the pdf with 7 cards on it came out in glorious colour.  2500 reil a copy.  Then a woman cut each out for me with scissors.  The others came to find me as the transaction was concluding.  We were pleased with our labours, though unsure if we have a suitable amount.  42 should be loads, but the group is big, even though the numbers we interact with are smaller.  Then angst over would it seem narcissistic?  Possibly, but we figure the sentiment of wanting to say thanks and mark a departure will surely carry the day.  Communication is difficult.

From the printer I went to buy a cake to share with my final student group.  It was $10, my last $10 actually, so I will have to eek out my remaining reil until I get my deposit back on the department.  They personalise it as you wait.  I went for ‘happy memories’.

By now I was pouring sweat, it started to spot rain.  It’s so humid it’s horrific.

Back to flat, no testing again, I had a grumpy not-kip, and now I’m about to wash my hair before heading out for my last session.  I hope it goes well.  It does feel like death throes now. I hope I feel  a bit livelier when I get to school.  I feel zombie-like at present.  Oh well, worse things happen.

Bye for now..


4 responses to “Happy Birthday to me…

    • All down hill from here I fear, but on the plus side, I’m hoping the older I become the more acceptable it is to be grumpy and to have the odd afternoon nap, so not all bad. Lx


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