First world problems…

I feel personally slighted.

I have not felt homesick whilst in Cambodia.  Not really.  I do miss some things obviously: Friends (people, not the TV programme) / Radio 4 and Radio 4 extra /  BBC news/ parkrun/ Sheffield countryside….  Facebook has helped me keep in touch with friends more than in previous trips away, and although I don’t particularly like Phnom Penh because it is dirty, noisy and overwhelming  – it is also exciting, challenging and full of something new every single day.   Even on a ‘bad day’ (and let’s face it, you can have those in the UK too) it is worth any temporary lows for the overall experience.

Yesterday though, I had a full on, stomach lurching ‘I seriously can’t believe I missed that‘ moment.

Here’s why.

My local parkrun.

Jessica Ennis AND Paul Sinton-Hewitt at Sheffield Hallam parkrun and NOT me.  Gutted.

Look what I missed.  Icons.  Icons in action.  Kill me now.*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My only consolation is that they must have been equally gutted to miss me.  The blog post that might have been.  A loss from my running anecdotes cannon indeed.  Shame.  An opportunity that withered and died before it was even seen, let alone seized.   Sigh.

*not really


4 responses to “First world problems…

  1. Ahh Lucy, we missed you too. x
    Even here not everyone realise what was going on. Quote from facebook “Nope sadly I didn’t have a clue turned up last minute at the back”
    We were all quite giddy though which made for a great set of photos.
    Looking forward to catching up soon.
    Sandi xxx

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    • Aaah, thanks for that. George’s photos were especially grand though, and your Jessica had an astonishing time too! Must be in the genes. You take care, see you soon… (obviously not if you see me first). Lx


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