Childish, but appreciated

This is the first time I’ve seen a picture of Donald Trump and not wanted to weep.    Thank you, Q Coffee House, Street 13, between the Friends’ Restaurant and the Museum for this rare moment of levity in dark times.  Thank you also for being the only establishment in the whole of Cambodia that supplied brown bread as the default offer for my avocado on toast brunch of yesterday.


They have lost one customer as a consequence of this sign apparently.  This seems to me to be a really excellent example of an effective vetting policy for potential entrants.  Which does sort of play with my head, because obviously I am against Trump’s policy on immigration on every level… anyway, let’s not dwell on that –  I’m thinking they’ll survive without that custom.  Jolly well done.

It is reminiscent of that unexpectedly excellent retort to Nigel Farage. He spoke in support of Claridges restaurant which asked a breastfeeding mother to sit under a table-cloth to ‘avoid causing offence’ to other customers.  (With apologies for quoting from the Daily Mail).  I can no longer find the picture, but a  Devon cafe somewhere, put a poster in their window politely requesting that UKIP members eat only in the toilet of their establishment to similarly avoid causing offence to other customers. Genius!


It reads:

Responding to Nigel Farage’s comments Exeter’s Cakeadoodledo owner Kate Shirazi has placed a sign in her window reading “If you are a UKip supporter we politely ask, for the comfort of other customers, that you eat in the corner, or in the toilet, or under a large tablecloth that we drape over you.”

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