Riverside rescue….

That’s something of an exaggeration to be fair, but hey ho, won’t stop me.  So for Chinese New Year I’m back at Sary’s guest house, and so a lot of time has been spent wandering around exploring the local area at a leisurely pace, taking in the riverside scenes.

This street (130) has a high concentration of girlie bars, but it feels OK to be staying here, lots of unlikely businesses are squashed together as standard, you don’t have to go in.  Those eccentric ladies must be busy though…

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Last night we went to The Empire Movie House to see The Killing Fields followed by La La Land which was an equally unlikely juxtaposition to be fair.  The Killing Fields has stood up well to the test of time by the way, though if anything it seems a bit sanitised.  At the time it came out I remember being so shocked by the content, now it seems tame and barely the tip of the iceberg.  I wonder if at the time it was made we still didn’t know the half of it.  It does convey the confusion, the desperation and the child soldiers (boys and girls) but not the scale of it I feel.  The Empire Movie House is pretty fab though.  Small, intimate, friendly. An impressive choice of films. You can pre-book or just roll up.  Pay your $3.50 and settle down to watch for as long as you like.


So, after our exhausting morning of roadside shaves and afternoon tea, we wandered back to our guest house via riverside.  Here are some gratuitious riverside shots which were taken on various occassions that I have yet to include in my blog.  Gives a feel for the area at least.

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Anyway, as we were gazing about, the riverside was relatively and unusually deserted. Not much in the way of pickings for the streetside vendors who roll their mobile stalls up and down the promenade.  We saw a woman with the most enormously high-piled recycling cart either of us had ever seen. It was truly gravity defying.  It was extraordinary enough that I took a photo of it as it was, but then we realised the woman was still trying to get another sack of cans on to the top of it. As we looked on it became apparent this was not a feat that could be achieved alone, since she couldn’t simultaneously hold the bag in place, and resecure the load.  We went across to assist. She was a little surprised, but clearly pleased, as it was literally impossible. She still did most of the work because we couldn’t fathom her tying techniques, but I held the sack in place whilst she jumped on and off the bench and scurried around securing it. Then we exchanged smiles and I did my self conscious ‘chom reap sewer’ when actually that’s hello, but hey ho I was flustered, surely on this occcassion it is the thought that countss?   It was a really nice little moment. She looked old and had few teeth. I don’t know what the occupational hierachy is here to be honest, but I think the women who push these recycling carts are pretty low down the pecking order, it looks a hard and unpleasant job, especially in the heat of the day.  Likewise the cyclo drivers, often older men, you feel you should be pushing them around not vice versa, I’ve never used a cyclo because it seems wrong somehow, though I know rationally they could probably do with my money.  Oh dear, life is complicated.  Here is the pre-assistance load though.  Impressive eh?

Here is me helping, not all that much really, but showing willing…


We also came across what felt like a piece of contemporary installation art!  A random pair of child-size adidas trainers on a little pile of stools. Surrounded by empty space.  Eye-catching yes, bizarre also. I give you ‘Still running?  Running still?‘  My genius naming of the exhibit.  Cool I feel.



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