Pagoda. Not sure what wat.

Randomly came across this Pagoda near to the National Museum.  I think it must be Wat Sarawan from subsequent looking at the tourist map. It was full of interest, and very much a working space.  I didn’t feel it was OK to linger, because you are sort of in a living space, plus it was quite small.  It was extraordinary though.  An old seemingly burnt-out building was bang smack next to a new construction. Whether that is a legacy of the Khmer Rouge or just a consequence of neglect I have no idea.

Pictures though, make of it what you will.  Look out for the tinsel covered tuk tuk!

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Explored some back streets as we wandered back to our guest house.  Some dead ends, but some quiet corners too.  Also, check out the ‘parking inside your house’ pictures, a car and a motorbike at the end of artists showrooms.  It took a student to remind me that this is the standard way to park here, I’ve stopped noticing it as peculiar over time.


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