Afternoon tea?

After an exhausting couple of hours strolling round the Riverside area and sitting about whilst my co-traveler took on the streetside close-shave challenge, what better way to while away some time than with an afternoon beverage?

We opted for a roadside iced coffee, which also comes with complimentary jasmine tea.  The barista had great English, and our sweet milk iced coffees were just 3000 reil each, with free wifi too, should you wish to avail yourself of it. The locaiton was directly opposite the entrance to the National Museum. Bargain.

All pretty quiet though, I’m guessing because of a mass exodus for Chinese New Year, nicer for roaming about, though an even greater ratio of tuk tuks to tourists than usual tests your nerve.  Roadside cafes are always a good option for coffee, cheaper than the tourist cafes and fantastic places for people watching.  Details today included realising for the first time that you can buy cigarettes individually, which suprised me, because they are so cheap anyway.  Some great barista action too, but not possible to capture in a still photo alas.



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