A picture’s worth a thousand words?

Maybe, but I don’t think this particular picture is working as it should.  I think the idea is that it is to deter people – men predominately, I don’t think women have quite the capacity to send urine in quite such a trajectory as that indicated – from peeing in this particular location.  I have to report though, it seems to act more as an advisory notice that this is a desirable location for a quick release.


Rather, this wall, despite having a whole array of protesting posters, seems to act as a pee place magnate.  Prolific peeing occurs here, I have given up even trying to avert my gaze as I walk past daily a line of peeing locals.  I was only able to snap this shot in a rare peeing-free window.  Men do pee freely against walls on the streets here.  I have also seen (admittedly relatively rarely) small children defecate in the street. Dogs do too, not inherently surprising, I mean dogs do crap everywhere I know, but its the casual courage they display crouching down amidst the traffic to do so that I find so completely remarkable.

So there you go.  A picture may well be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that its meaning will be clear.  Au contraire.  Teh more words, teh greater potential at times for ambiguity and misunderstanding!

This is pee street.  Not to be confused with pooh corner.


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