The view from on high…

I only found out a couple of days ago that we have a sixth floor. This is surprising, as our lift only goes as far as the fifth. From thereonin you have to take steps, but it is worth it.  There is a wide balcony, open at the sides but covered so you are in the shade and a quite strong breeze comes through.  I don’t think this is a communal space, it is rather the territory of the lucky inhabitants of these penthouse apartments, I imagine they pay rent accordingly.  However, I snuck up and took in the view.  Phnom Penh from the ground is noisy, filthy, challenging, even threatening at times.  From on high it has a sort of urban beauty, it seems more manageable.  I hadn’t even noticed that the street I live on is tree-lined!  That might sound mad, but you have to keep your eyes on the street to avoid being run over, and on the ground to avoid falling over, you can’t risk losing concentration by gazing up or you might be hit by a tuk tuk, mugged by a moto driver or savaged by a stray dog.  The view from on high though, well oh my, what a transformation.  Who knew?


2 responses to “The view from on high…

  1. Whilst checking that all was well with your flat the other day, I took the opportunity to enjoy the views from the various windows. All present and correct… and very lovely. There’s nothing like a good view to lift the spirits! Dx

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