In the pink – Natural Bungalows, Kampot

So, our abode in Kampot was the Natural Bungalows Restaurant and Bar which is a river-side resort with a verandah overlooking the river.   There are a lot of separate dwellings each hidden in trees miscellaneous and with their own little balconies.  You enter the reception through a welcoming archway and can get down do a very minimalist private beach.  There was a plan to rise at 6.00 on departure day in order to yoga on this spot.  However, when I peered out having set my alarm it looked wet – rain over night, and I opted out.

My room is all pink.  Everything, the bedding, the curtains, the lampshades, the bathroom suite, the floor tiles.  Everything.  Coloured bathroom suites are back!  Yay.  Or maybe here they never went away?


When we first arrived it was dark, and we had that sort of travel exhaustion from being trapped in a bus all day, albeit one which stopped to show us tarantulas.   We opted to have dinner in the restaurant, overlooking the river.  The location is indeed beautiful and the food good.  The service was hilariously bad.  Not just because English wasn’t spoken by the waitress, but because she just rocked up periodically with a dish and dumped it at the far end of the table without giving any indication of what it was, or making any attempt to reunite it with the person who’d requested it.  I ordered pizza.  Mistake, whilst the pizza was good it took over an hour and a half to come by which time all I really wanted to do was crawl into my nice pink bed.

My room is nice, it’s like having my own little house. There is internet (dodgy) and a TV with mainly karaoke style Cambodian shows though I found BBC news eventually.  There a LOT of insects around, including in the room despite mosquito screens on the windows.  Bats are in the roof, a cat mews outside and from my bed I can hear periodic boats chugging past, and the occasional train.  It’s good.  I spent time in this room catching up on my blot a bit lit by a pink haze of light through the pink satin curtains.  There are a lot of windows in the room, but I tended to keep the curtains drawn partly for coolness and partly for privacy.

Nice spot.

A breakfast (which had service slower than dinner) I wathed mysterious matter free – falling from the bridge.  Worked out it was road sweepers, dust and litter is just swept down drains that open over the river.  The water course is expected to magically disappear all sorts of waste and effluent.  I wouldn’t want to be taking a boat under the bridge when road sweeping is in progress.  Very hazardous passage indeed!


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