Boring Practicalities what to pack:


Just so you know, and for me for future reference. These are the sun/ insect protection products I’m glad I’ve brought with me.

The all-in-one sunblock, moisturiser and insect repellant is  god-send for ease of application.  The Jungle formula does a nice line in topping up when the insects are particularly bothersome.  YOu do have to weigh up the discomfort of feeling your skin disintegrate on the application of concentrated deet against the discomfort of being eaten alive. When you know you need insect repellant plus though, you no longer care about the acid burns on your body.

The small bottle factor 50 Nivea is fab for face and backs of hands, and although it makes my face look shiny, with all the sweat that’s pouring off me here quite frankly that is the least of my worries.

Thought you’d like to know.

Oh, and I definitely don’t need my shower proof coat.  It has rained, but it’s so hot you don’t care, and so heavy shower-proof wouldn’t cut it anyway.  Plus, whenever it rains, my coat is nowhere near to hand anyway.  If it was rainy season proper, you’d definitely need it but by mid november when I got here, pretty much redundant I’d say. Getting wet is part of the fun!

You’re welcome!


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