Doing my dirty washing in public

Actually, that’s not strictly true.  I know one should absolutely not do one’s dirty washing in public, so resisted the impulse to do so here.  Traveling or not, some standards should be maintained!  Instead I got someone else to do it for me.  Yay!


In this hot whether you get through loads of clothes.  I’ve been doing some  handwashing as we go, but it doesn’t dry all that well in the hotel rooms.  Once we got to Siem Reap, where we are for three nights, it seemed a great opportunity to get some done.  I’d thought it would be through the hotel, but no.   Just next door to the Dinata hotel are not one, but two launderettes.  They are everywhere.  You simply roll up with a bag of your squalid clothing and are called across by whichever laundry service is quick enough to spot you.

I think it is more expensive here in Siem Reap than elsewhere.  You pay by weight.  My washing was 2.5 kg.  You can either have it just washed, or washed and ironed too.  I went for the latter, somewhat inadvertently as I realised walking away that actually, I really don’t want my technical shirts ironed, they’d probably melt.  I got a receipt, and it was a $5 fee, payable on collection.  They can turn around pretty quickly as long as they have drying time.  So I dropped off at 6.30 p.m. yesterday, and picked it up 24 hours later.  I could have dropped it off this morning and picked it up at the same time.

When I went to collect at 5.45 p.m. (we’d agreed 5.00 p.m. originally) it wasn’t ready.  No worried, it didn’t kill me to return to the hotel and pop back later.  I was actually quite relieved as she was mid ironing my cotton trousers and I was able to say don’t iron the shirts.   She looked at me as if I was mad.  Of course she’d worked that out for herself!  She knows more about washing than I ever will.

I duly popped back later and got my hermetically sealed, beautifully presented clothes back all clean and ironed.  This is how to make stuff take up less space!  The guy now on the counter allowed me to take his photo.  It came out shite, because I have inadvertently focused on the pushchair in the foreground.  Oh well, you get the idea.  Still, it is a nice pushchair isn’t it?

So the message is, getting laundry done in Cambodia is very easy, and pretty cheap to save yourself the hassle.  I love having clean clothes.



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