The style to which I’d like to become accustomed…

Sublime to the ridiculous.  I’ve moved from an environment in which I felt claustrophobic, to one in which I feel almost agoraphobic! Arrival at Siem Reap, meant booking in to the Dinata Hotel.  Wow.


Arrived hot and bothered to the doorstep of a very, very swish looking hotel.  My room is 333, initially I dragged my stuff along marble corridors and then took the lift to the third floor.  No room 333.  I returned downstairs and asked the first person I met who was in uniform for help.  It turned out to be a waiter with impeccable English.  He showed me to my room.  It is A.MAZ.ING.  Whilst it doesn’t quite have a window, it does have an outside space with a huge jacuzzi style bath tub.  The suite is the size of my entire flat at home. Very well-appointed.  I was bowled over.

So was my guide.  He is it turns out a member of the waiting staff about to go off duty, but he is working to save money to go to university which will cost $450 a year.  He was very keen to practice his English and had done a project which involved speaking to British people and asking them five questions.  He couldn’t remember them all, but one was ‘how much does it cost to go to University in your country?‘ and another ‘do people own cars in your country?’  We had a good conversation to be fair, though I was rather more dripping in sweat and shiny faced than I like to be normally for small talk.  I promised to talk to him again, and he wrote his name down for me in both Khmer and English which was rather fine.  I felt like I’ve made a new friend!  He will be serving breakfast.  I hope it is obvious who he is, I was so cross-eyed with tiredness and not wearing glasses I didn’t entirely register him.

Once he’d gone I burst into bathroom.  It smells a lot like a urinal which is disappointing, and there was a used flannel and empty bottle of shampoo within. Hmmmm.  Oh well, I don’t really care, it is big enough that someone could have crapped in the corner and there’d still be plenty of space for me to find a clean corner for a scrub down.  Bliss!



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