Energy drinks for motorbikes


So, I keep seeing these road side stalls, where rather dubious looking recycled glass bottles have been refilled with some fluid of unknown origin.

Truthfully, these bottles look like enormous urine-filled specimen jars awaiting collection as if for some mass pregnancy test.  I can’t honestly imagine what the context for that might be.  Surely the whole of Cambodia is not currently experience one mass impregnation akin to the Midwich Cuckoos?  Well they are not.  I got around to asking.  The bottles contain petrol. Alongside all the bottles of water and soft drinks, and miscellaneous snakes, you can top up your bike as you top up your tummy.  As my guide replied to me:

What’s that?  That’s energy drinks for bikes!’

I really like our guide, he makes me laugh!


Best not to think too much about the health and safety consequences of storing vast quantities of highly flammable liquid at every roadside stall under a burning sun.  Luckily I’ve not seen much in the way of smoking, though handily this particular purveyor of energy drinks for bikes has taken the precaution of displaying the cigarette options adjacent to the fuel.    Oh well, what’s the worst….


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