The Windowless Room

So we were warned about this on booking, but even so, it’s very weird to be allocated a windowless room in a hotel.   Mine at the Star Hotel in Battambang did not have any natural light.  It was however spacious, and once you get over the looming claustrophobia there are some potential benefits.  It is cool, insect free and very silent,  Even so, I’d rather have the light of window, or at least a paper bag to breath in when panic starts to rise.  It is like being entombed, best not to think about it too much!

Anyway, in case you care, here are some hotel snaps, so you can see it is a grand hotel:

But I have a windowless room:


It was ensuite though, with more water sources than a place with a great many water sources indeed.  There were two taps, the loo, a hose for presumably cleaning your arse with if you are proficient in that way, a hot (ish) shower and a cold shower.  Nothing drinkable though.  Oh well.


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