Boring Practicalities, F**?!£$%ng Google


Having diligently turned off two-step verification for gmail to avoid exactly this scenario, I am mightily peeved to find that google seems hell-bent on blocking me. It picked up ‘rogue activity’ on my account at  Bangkok airport.  Bizarrely, as I have no longer supplied them with a phone number (the whole point being my mobile wouldn’t work in Cambodia even if I hadn’t left it behind in the hotel at Heathrow) to text me a code to log on when I’m in unfamiliar territory, it is insisting I give it a phone number in order that it can do so. This makes no sense to me at all.  If I was a hacker of any worth that would be easy to do.  There is no way to tell if that phone number is linked to me or not.  All that this does is prevent me from gaining access to my account until I’ve sorted out a phone for here that is. Well here’s hoping.  It remains to be seen if that will work.  I’m trying to keep it in perspective but it would be extremely awkward to be barred from my google account over the next few months.  Not only email, but I have a lot of documents stored on my google cloud too.  Oh crap.

FAcebook, also tried to bar me, but relented when I was able to identify five people I’d recently messaged, which is harder than you might think  So, dear reader, if you are trying to email me, well, prepare yourself for disappointment. It may be Facebook of all things becomes the only way to go!

Bloomin Google, it’s outwitted me, and I thought I’d taken pre-emptive action too.  Curses indeed.  Curses….   So much for avoiding communication cut-off disaster.  Hurrumph, lots of hurrumph.


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