Fantastic News

That’s me apparently.

I really hope I am.  So next thing is I get an official offer letter (which will help me get the correct visa on arrival), some extra information about logistics and a lovely welcome:

‘That is fantastic news! You will be a great addition to the CWF family and your students will be very lucky to have you as their teacher’

I care not if the recruiter says this to all the volunteers.  It makes me feel valued.  I haven’t felt valued for  a very long time.  I want to do a good job with the project.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I really did come to realise very quickly in Vietnam how much it can add to language learning to have contact with a native speaker.  Whilst I’m sure there will be massive and significant differences between Cambodian and Vietnamese students, I suspect the hunger to learn English to improve the breadth of opportunities available to them will be a constant.  I hope I can in some small way make a positive difference to some of the students I meet at least.  Until I went to Vung Tau I’d never considered myself to be a valuable commodity just because I’m a native English speaker, but there I was constantly in demand from locals keen to practise their English and spend time with me.  I even got a wedding invite, now that was an adventure!  (Not a proposal though, went as a guest, just to be clear)


Now of course the fear kicks in.  The heat, the unknown, the communal aspects, my rusty skills, my decrepit physique, culture shock, can I do it, what was I thinking?  Can I afford it even?  Oh well, feel the fear and do it anyway.  That’s how the saying goes isn’t it?  Something like that anyway.  One thing is for sure though, if I don’t, I’ll never know.


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